Unconventional wisdom about Leadership from a 9-year-old

A rhetorical question: WHAT is leadership? Every social media, every online and traditional media will have millions of mentions of this word. Every business school will offer a course on Leadership. Every book store in the world will have a vast collection on this topic. And we just love talking about our leadership skills, developing leaders of the future, becoming a better leader for your organization, and so on… Don’t we? And I am not an exception.

Throughout my youth and adolescence, I was asked and told to be a good leader. And often, I had no idea what does it mean and how to make it work. Like many kids, I learned by example, I looked up to my parents, and intuitively I led (with ups and downs and all the hurdles on the way).

Years in multinationals and a few business schools – I learned some laws of Leadership. I walked the talk, I experimented, I practiced. I succeeded, and I failed, just like anything in life. So far, my leadership journey has been eye-opening, and powerful (and I am still learning).

If I could change one thing about my leadership journey: I would start earlier. With the essential thing: exploring the concept and meaning of leadership. Getting equipped with the tools and the knowledge. Learning Play to Win. Learning to navigate the complex reality of the business world.

Leadership /ˈɡraʊn(d)wəːk/

Give your kids the tools and the knowledge. Empower them. Support their failures and successes. Inspire them to lead, play to win. Be there with them and for them. Not everyone would want to lead or be at the front line. And that’s OK. If anything – they will learn great lessons to spark their curious and adventurous lives.

I have given it a start. I prompted a conversation about Leadership with my 9-year-old son.

He stumbled on the meaning and concept of Leadership. Yet he shared his feedback, which left me astounded.

Qualities of a good leader: unconventional wisdom from a 9-year-old

  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Confidence
  • Lead by experience
  • Do not force the outcomes. Agree to disagree and find the best solution.

I could not agree more.