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Fortune 500 communications strategies to increase your visibility, grow your business, build or protect your reputation.

Year 2024. The pace of life is fast. Not much time to think through. No place to hide.
Polarization. Climate calamity. Never-ending crises of all kinds. The investors and shareholders want you to stay ahead, the business requires a laser-sharp approach. It is hard to keep up with recent social media trends, evolving digital marketing strategies, ongoing transformation initiatives, and just life…

In a world where information travels at the speed of a click, our reputation is no longer merely local; it’s global. It’s the silent ambassador that speaks for us in our absence. How we are perceived shapes the opportunities that knock on our doors and the relationships that endure.

Each action you take, each message you are putting out there – has the potential to change the course of events in your business or private life.

Do it wrong, and you will be dealing with damage control, lost credibility and reputation for a very long time.

There is always a positive way out


Whether you are a thought leader, startup founder, or entrepreneur, we have strategies that work. We have world-class trainings, top experts, and bespoke programs. We help advance your communications skills, share your proud moments, manage your reputation, and have your back when things take an unexpected turn.
Even when stakes are high, and there is a limited time.



Crisis Management

1 out of 4 companies doesn’t have a crisis response plan. Are you one of them? No one is immune to a crisis. Find out how to assess your risks, minimize potential reputational damage, and impact on your business with our effective programs.

Distinctive Communications and PR strategies and trainings to establish your reputation, increase visibility, up your communications skills, and grow your business.

Unrivaled. And it works. 

Brand. Reputation & Leadership (3)

Branding your business or yourself, and leading fearlessly – is an intentional act of creation. It is about influencing and standing out. Choose what your brand stands for, and decide how You as a leader want to be seen and perceived. 

You are tired of virtual communication. But it is not going away, and you need to get better at it! So it is time you met our interactive programs to up your communications game and discover instant formulas for best online interactions.



Hello! I am Natasha. A particular blend of business executive and a creative mind…

I had to do a few things first before taking on a career in reputation management.

I had a dream that took my mind to explore the worlds of art, culture, and performance. A dream that brought me the gift of determination, the flair of inspiration, the know-how of persistence, and all the juicy aspects of creativity…

Little did I know that one day, that dream would take my mind on a different journey.

And that’s when it happened…

What others say

I want to express my gratitude to Natasha. She coached me on my communication skills and video presentation for a new job. Natasha accompanied me with her creative approach, personal engagement, and high professionalism. With her help, I learned a lot in a short time about different communication skills and how to transmit a desired message and emotion to the audience. Natasha is a talented coach with vast experience in communication and PR. I am privileged to have her as my mentor and friend. Less than 48 h. after posting my video I got an enthusiastic phone call from the HR saying that my presentation is very professional and made a difference. Big thanks to you, Natasha.
Youssef Baioia
Program Manager, Watch manufacturer
Natasha was instrumental in helping me construct and refine my brand and personal positioning. Her unique toolkit, thoughtful questions, and knowledgeable insights helped me draw out the key details of my personal story and look at them in a new way to align my brand with my personal values. She provided a framework to help establish my unique voice, and provided supportive guidance along the journey. Whether you’re a seasoned business executive or entrepreneur needing a personal brand refresh, or just starting out, I highly recommend working with Natasha!
Betsy Khan
Business Owner, Entrepreneur
From Strategy to Execution: problem solving with Natasha’s experienced leadership delivered the result I needed. Generating options , creating compelling communication, and working with a number of individuals to execute the selected solution. Having Natasha as an experienced , confident partner to work with enabled me to address the business and cultural challenges under aggressive time pressures.
Frieda Smyth
Program Director, MedTech
Natasha masters Leadership in Crisis and she is pro at teaching it. Natasha clearly has gotten a lot of experience and she thrives on sharing, teaching, train-ing, and mentoring, which is amazing. With her deep knowledge in Leadership, EI, and navigating crises and the way she customizes her programs for various businesses, she's super valuable. And her crisis management workshops are a must for any business.
Nader Bhouri
Investment Director
Natasha stands out as an exceptional trainer, specializing in executive communication skills and reputation management. Her expertise is evident in the comprehensive profiles and networking strategies she developed for me, both internally and externally. More than just offering advice, Natasha provides a robust suite of practices tailored to help executives craft a step-by-step communication plan that aligns with their personal and professional aspirations.
Sitao Ma
VP of Innovation, Energy Management


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