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Hello! I am Natasha. A particular blend of business executive and a creative mind…

I had to do a few things first before taking on a career in reputation management.

I had a dream that took my mind to explore the worlds of art, culture, and performance. A dream that brought me the gift of determination, the flair of inspiration, the know-how of persistence, and all the juicy aspects of creativity…

Little did I know that one day, that dream would take my mind on a different journey.

And that’s when it happened.

I’ve discovered the world of PR, Crisis and Communication, and Reputation Management. Thought-provoking. Unpredicted. Exciting. Enriching, fascinating and fun!

And since then, I can’t get enough of it. It calls to all my passions. It nicely blends innovations and business thinking. It allows my creativity to shine through when things get tough. It has many unique facets that I can use to share, serve, give back, position brands and individuals and navigate crises.

I spent the last 20+ years immersed in the world of corporate communications, media, crisis management, brand, and global reputation science. I’ve led global and corporate teams in Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Domestic Appliance, and IT for Fortune 500 companies, international institutions, and foundations worldwide. 

I’ve always had the privilege to work with amazing and talented people. They inspired and empowered me to explore, bring new ideas, adapt, lead, and dare.

Today, I help entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders share their incredible stories of success, build their brands and credibility, and manage their reputations. I also have their backs when things take an unexpected turn.

I’m driven by a genuine passion for education, embracing my role as a once-forgotten graduate in education. Saying ‘yes’ to lecturing at European business schools and guiding young minds in communication and leadership isn’t just a commitment; it’s a rewarding journey of empowering the next generation.

Connect with me to learn how to boost your visibility, define or enhance your [personal] brand, share your great stories and protect your reputation.


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