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Being human takes practice…

She wasn’t the friendliest over the phone. Zero flexibility. And my friends warned me that her demeanor during their breakfast was not particularly pleasant and …

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The Story of The Parking Lot: turning crisis and human tragedy into gifts of life.

I had no intention of hanging out in the parking lot of a local Colorado supermarket on your average Saturday afternoon. But it turned out …

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“Win Happy Podcast”: A War with Truth

In this episode, Greg Canty (Co-founder of Fuzion Communications), and Natasha Konstantinova discuss the role of communications, the importance of truth, and the huge difference …

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Unconventional wisdom about Leadership from a 9-year-old

A rhetorical question: WHAT is leadership? Every social media, every online and traditional media will have millions of mentions of this word. Every business school …

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10 golden rules of crisis management

I grew up in the times when the biggest crisis we could ever imagine back then was a Cold War. We survived the Cold war, …

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Personal Branding: it is about You

I admit, starting your Personal PR or Personal Brand campaign might not feel comfortable at first. Human beings are biologically hardwired to play it safe, …

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Anyone can become an entrepreneur. And it is surprisingly easy.

  I always believed that if you are NOT born as an entrepreneur, you are destined to work for someone else. All. Your. Life. I …

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Reputation: a capital, an asset, or a buzzword?

You’ve graduated from college or earned your MBA. You’ve started your own business or got your dream job in a local company, or got another …

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