Make your reputation work for you

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Non-obvious communications strategies,
that have helped Fortune 500 to save and boost their reputation.


It’s getting crazy out there. No time to think through. No place to hide. The things we write or read travel across the globe in a matter of seconds. Whether it is a press release, or social media post, a news story or email – each message you are putting out there – has the potential to change the course of events in your business or private life.

Do it wrong, and you will be dealing with damage control, lost credibility, and reputation for a very long time…

There is always a positive way out


We have a strategy that works. We help business leaders to share their incredible stories in good times; guide them through transformational change, manage their reputation, and have their back when things take an unexpected turn.


Explore our bespoke communications strategies and programs

Change Management and Business Transformation


Employee Communications and Engagement Programs For Your Business. 


Supporting you with Communications Towards External Stakeholders and the public in times of change and transformation.


The success of business transformation programs of your organization depends on strong communications strategy and execution. We develop and implement programs and initiatives to take organizations forward in a simplistic and agile way towards positive outcomes; for any small or big company or an individual.

Crisis and Issue


Crisis and Issue Management.


Plan for a crisis!
Create a Crisis Response Plan For Your Business.


Our future is shaped by many relating variables. Recent world events have shown us that no one is immune to crises. A crisis could happen anytime and affect anyone, and we have no way of knowing when it is coming. The best thing anyone can do is be prepared.

Media. Communications. Reputation Management


Potential Social Media Crisis?
We got you covered! 


Media Communications. Embrace the world of traditional and social media.


Connect & Impress Virtually! 


PR & Communications strategy, positioning, and more!


We offer media and reputation programs, trainings, and communications services that can position your business, equip you with various communications and leadership techniques, help you manage issues, craft and convey your key messages, and ensure successful business continuity.



A moment or two in the presence of Natasha is enough to reveal her as a gifted communicator.
She is a towering figure in the world of corporate communications, media, crisis management, and global reputation science. What sets Natasha apart is her remarkable poise and level-headedness, leadership qualities that allow her creativity to shine through when things get tough. And she is the one who always challenges the norm and demonstrates the courage to go above and beyond.

Betina is the one that navigates through challenges with analytics, patience, deep business insight, and flow. And you can be sure – she will find a solution, no matter what.

An engineer by degree, a top-notch sales & marketing business executive and a Life design Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and HFNR® Certified Trainer – Betina manages to excel and succeed at any business idea she thinks of.


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